Custom Paint Matching

Come find a match for your perfect accent wall today.

Finding a color match to repaint an old wall can be a real challenge. You could purchase a color wheel, or collect a number of individual swatches you think might be close to the color you are looking for and attempt to find the perfect match for your wall on your own. This trial and error process is bound to result in a few close calls, and with paint as much $60 a gallon, a mistake can quickly add up to a surprisingly expensive paint job. Instead of guessing, you could have your helpful experts find the match far more accurately, and for no extra charge. Instead of relying on just a careful eye, our experts use a machine to accurately measure the color of the light reflected off the surface of paint chip, object, or picture you bring in for matching.

Color matching from object

We do not need the match to be previous paint, you could bring anything (reasonably sized) to be matched. Maybe a child’s favorite stuffed animal, or a particularly beautiful leaf is deserving of a dedicated accent wall. Just be sure that whatever object that is being matched has a one square inch section with a consistent color.

Color matching from picture

If an object is too large to bring into the store, or your neighbor with the beautiful accent wall won’t let you remove a large enough chip, we can also match from images.Bring in a photo of the color you want for your walls and we can find a close match.

Don’t forget sheen

Color isn’t the only element of the paint that will affect its look. If you bring in a chip from your existing wall, our experts should be able to tell the sheen used in the original formula. Sheen will be harder to match from photos. If you are planning to use this paint to cover spots rather than painting an entire wall, make sure the sheen matches on a small test patch before covering the entire area.

Our product line includes Valspar Paint. See their color selection, and…

Color matching from paint chip

If you are matching from a paint chip, ensure the chip is at least one square inch in size. This may sound easy, but it is surprisingly larger than the usual chips that fall off the wall naturally, You may need to remove a larger piece carefully with a painter’s knife. Make sure the chip comes from a location that does not receive direct sunlight. Direct sunlight will result in fading, so your match will be for the sunbleached version of the color and not the vibrant original. Make sure the chip is not contaminated with caulking or primer that could alter the formulation picked up by the color matching machine.