Just 4 You Terms and Conditions

By signing up for the Hi-School Pharmacy (“HSP”) Rewards Program (“Rewards Program”, “Rewards”), you the customer (“customer”) agree to the terms and conditions listed below.


You understand that we will be collecting information about you such as email address, physical address, name and/or date of birth. HSP will never knowingly distribute or sell your information to any other company or business without your consent or knowledge. The information we collect will primarily be used for identification of the customer at the register. It may also be used to sign you up for our email advertisements and account notifications.


Customers may sign up for the rewards program at any of our participating stores. Please see one of our associates to do this. Customers may also sign up at https://myhspstores.com/just-4-you-preferred-customer-program/ . Customers who sign up online may not be in our system for up to 48 hours after signing up. For any questions related to signing up online, please send an email with your name and contact information to j4yquestion@hi-schoolpharmacy.com and one of our staff will reach out to you as soon as possible.


The customer also understands that they will earn rewards points (“points”) through their purchases at a rate of 1 point per dollar spent. Customers can redeem points earned after some amounts have been obtained through sales transactions or rewarded. As of the writing of this document, any dollar spent earns one point. Taxes are not included in the process of earning points. All point totals are rounded down to the nearest dollar in the transaction they are earned. HSP also allows customers to earn double points on specific items, but reserves the right to change them at any time without the knowledge of the customer.

Customers cannot earn points on items including but not limited to alcohol, prescriptions, prescription co-pays, lottery, gift cards, payments, licensing and fees, services or money orders. HSP reserves the right to change this exemption list at any point without notifying the customer.


Once the customer has earned 250 points, they are eligible for a $5 gift that is credited to their customer profile. Moving past that, customers can redeem $5 gift rewards for every 250 points they have accumulated. While redeeming points, customers can use as many points as they wish. There is no limit to the amount of points that can be used at one time. Points cannot be used to redeem on purchases that have prescriptions, utilities, and alcohol. HSP reserves the right to change that list at our discretion without notifying the customer.



There are four levels in the Rewards Program. Default is used as the initial starting point, but customers signing up after 1/14/2021 will jump to the BRONZE level.

BRONZE level means the customer has accumulated 0 points in purchases. This is our starting level that everyone is automatically entered into.

SILVER level means the customer has accumulated 251 points in purchases.

GOLD level means the customer has accumulated 501 points in purchases.

PLATINUM level means the customer has accumulated over 1000 points in purchases.

HSP intends to use these levels to identify our most frequent customers and may send them rewards based on their continued support.


In identifying our frequent customers, HSP may send out gift certificates of pre-established values to show our thanks. These will primarily be sent out via email if the customer has a valid email address. If no email address is given, HSP will send out a printed coupon for the customer to use at the store. HSP also reserves the right to not send any certificates out and just apply certificate values to the customer’s account without notification.


HSP intends to build this program to appoint where we can promote items in our store to specific customers. The Rewards Program helps us to do so by giving us the customer information needed to identify those customers. A flash sale is defined as a promotion of items at better pricing than usual, with no prior public promotion. These sales will not be told publically to other customers, but to those participating in our Rewards Program. HSP plans on notifying customers within 24 hours of a promotion to only customers in the Rewards Program, and may notify them within 2 hours of the promotion starting.


To promote our Premier Value Products (“PV”), HSP will double the point value on any PV item that is purchases, based on its retail price at the time of purchase. HSP can also select other items in their promotions to reward customers with double points as well. HSP reserves the right to not promote double point items, and the right to remove the double point value whenever they wish. 


If the customer wishes to be removed from the Rewards Program, they will need to call their local store and request to speak to the store manager. HSP plans on creating an email account that customers can send questions about the Rewards Program, or email to if they wish to no longer be a part of the Rewards Program.

In addition, customer rewards accounts that have been inactive for 1,095 days may be deactivated and their points reset to 0. Customers can reactivate their account after that, however, their point total will not be reimbursed, and the customer’s Rewards level will be set to BRONZE.


Points may be reduced if rewards are not redeemed within 180 days of earning. HSP reserves the right to remove all points from customers who have been inactive for 1,095 days.


Customers and send an email to j4yquestion@hi-schoolpharmacy.com if they have any questions or concerns. Emails sent may require HSP and its employees to contact the customer for further information on transactions, rewards points, or information in our system.