Stihl Sales Repair

Visit us today for a new chainsaw or to have your old Stihl repaired.

#1 Chainsaw Manufacturer in America

Stihl is the #1 selling gas-powered chainsaw manufacturer in America despite not offering their products in big-box stores. Only authorized dealers, like Ace Hardware are trusted to sell and repair these awesome machines. We are proud at Ace Hardware to service such high quality pieces of equipment. These chainsaws will serve you no matter what the job is, from small yard work projects to large scale wildfire suppression.

Range of power options

  • 10% Ethanol Gasoline with Easy2Start technology
  • Electric plug-in
  • Lithium Ion Battery


Stihl chainsaws use Quickstop Plus braking technology to ensure one of the safest blades on the market. Two points of contact must be maintained to keep the chain running. Within seconds of releasing one of those triggers, the chain will stop, preventing injury or property damage.

Theft Protection

From Stihl’s website: 

STIHL Inc. maintains a Stolen Unit Database. If your STIHL product was stolen, please report it stolen to your local law enforcement agency. Then contact us with your name, address, model number and serial number. If the unit was registered at the time of purchase, we can have it added to the Stolen Unit Database.”

Visit us today for a new chainsaw or to have your old Stihl repaired.